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The leather industry is highly competitive, and some brands aren’t always as honest about what they’re selling as one might think. Other companies may not be sure themselves what grade of leather they provide or if it is genuine leather at all, so it’s best to have some sort of idea what you’re searching for. At Choice Leather Furniture we makes sure that all of our products are genuine leather and only of the highest quality! Our staff is well-educated on the differences in the products we offer and we will gladly tell you the differences. Our focus is on getting you the Best Leather


I’€™ve Got Kids And Pets, So That Must Mean Leather Is a Bad Idea, Right? Actually, leather is four times more durable than fabric. Most people think that care for leather is costly because of “€œspecial”€ cleaners that advertisements claim you need to use, when in reality, a damp cloth works as well as the next thing for dust removal. Leather is durable and can last for several decades, but search for zippered seat cushions. The leather will last, but the cushions may need a bit of fluffing over the years. As far as the price goes, take into consideration that a leather sofa lasts at least

Pat Sullivan

Greetings, We recently had a customer in the store who told us of seeing a a sofa from a manufacturer we carry that had a unique leather covering on it. We smelled a rat! First, here at Choice Leather we’re very familiar with all the leathers being offered by this particular manufacturer and second,we know that they, like many manufacturers, offer faux leather covers in addition to true, top grain leathers (which is all we offer) and third – we also know that too many retail salespeople try to pass off faux leather as real leather. One phone call to our factory representative answered all our

Pat Sullivan

Greetings, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving – plenty of turkey and football. Additionally I hope everyone got out yesterday and participated in Small Business Saturday. This great idea is the brainchild of American Express and they offered a one time credit on your AE bill if you made a purchase at a participating retailer. Hopefully you saw some of the commercials AE ran supporting this event (most of the ones I saw were on the Today Show all last week – I’m sure that were many others). If you missed it, I’m sure it will be back next year – Small Business Saturday follows “Black

Pat Sullivan

Greetings: I’ve been writing about the Fall International Home Furnishings Market that we attended (as always) last month in High Point, NC. One product that we’re having great success with here in our San Antonio, TX leather furniture store is power recliners. Both individual chairs as well as sofas and loveseats. One of the hottest items we’re seeing is a power reclining loveseat with a storage console in the center with cup holders and LED lighted buttons to open and close the footrests. Want to float it out in the room but don’t have electrical outlets in the floor? No problem anymore –