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Leather 101

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Leather Swatches

Have you ever been confused about the different Grades of leather?

Without an explanation from a competent leather furniture professional (like you'll always find at Choice Leather Furniture), leather grading can be as mystifying as diamond grading. Truth be told, it's much more difficult to understand than diamond grading.

No Standardized Grading Of Leather

Why, because there is no standardized grading of leather.Leather Grades are used by factories to convey price and each factory selects their own means of grading. For example:

  • Factory A may use numbers; Factory B may use letters while Factory C chooses to grade their leathers with names.

Now, if that's not enough to get any sane consumer confused consider what happens when Factory X and Y both use numbers for grades.

Factory X offers 10 different grades of leather:

  • 1 being the least desirable (and least expensive) and 10 being their most expensive leather (notice I did not say it was the most desirable). Just because it's the most expensive doesn't automatically make it the most desirable- especially when you factor in the way you'll use the leather - more on that later.

Factory Y also has 10 grades but they grade their leathers:

  • Measurements are from 5 to 50 using 5 unit increments.

Therefore, if you try to compare the leather numerically between these two factories you'll think a grade 5 is the same when it fact, it is a mid grade leather for one factory and the base grade for the other. You may think you're getting a superior value when you see Factory Y's price for a grade 5 leather but the reality is you're comparing apples to gourds, yet both are Grade 5 leathers. Who wouldn't be confused? More importantly, what can you do?

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