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Leather is an outstanding choice for furniture – with the correct care and maintenance leather will improve as it ages and provide you with many years of enjoyment (many more than any other upholstery material).


Different types of leather require different types of cleaning, care and care products. Before cleaning any leather furniture item be sure you have the correct products for your specific type of leather.


Some of the main types of leather are:


Pigmented, Protected or Painted – all are referred to by the letter “P”

Aniline Leathers are referred to by the letter “A”

Nubuk Leather are referred to by the letter “N"

If you are not sure which type of leather you have on your furniture contact the store where you purchased it or the manufacturer. Avoid using any leather care product until you are certain it is the correct product.


It’s a very good idea to always pre-test any care product in a hidden area on the furniture to be sure there will be no negative affects. Once it’s had time to dry and there are no signs of discoloration anywhere on the area tested – proceed with cleaning the piece.


10 Basic Care Tips For Leather

1. Avoid putting your leather furniture in direct sunlight – better quality leathers that have no pigment (paint) in the coloring of the leather will fade more quickly. Keep in mind – almost anything will change color when exposed to direct sunlight over extended periods of time.


2. Keep your leather furniture at least 2 feet away from any source of heat.


3. Avoid leaving sharp objects on leather furniture – while leather is the most durable of all upholstery materials, it can be punctured.


4. Avoid air pollution such as cigar or cigarette smoke and cooking fumes, which can cause leather (or any other material) to fade or change color. They may also absorb some of the odors.


5. Dust your leather at least once per week. Another advantage of leather is that particles of dust, dirt, etc. will not penetrate its surface (unlike fabric upholstery). So, accumulations that remain on the surface need to be wiped off regularly.


6.Use leather cleaner regularly to clean body oils from areas where the hand, arms and especially the head touch the leather. Regular cleaning of these areas will keep you from having to use heavy duty degreaser (or worse, a professional person who cleans leather) in the future to remove the buildup that accumulates from neglect.


7. Use a leather conditioner, made for furniture (not saddles, baseball gloves, etc.) monthly and after every leather cleaning to re-moisturize the leather to help prevent the leather from cracking due to dryness. Keep in mind, leather is like your skin – a little conditioner regularly can make a lot of difference.


8. Never use saddle soaps, oils, all purpose cleaners or solvents. Use of these products could damage the finish. Most spills will easily blot up with a dry cloth or dry paper towel.


9. With oil or grease stains (ie: grease from popcorn, salad dressing or other non-water soluble spills) blot up the spill with a dry cloth or dry paper towel until the cloth is dry (blot – don’t rub) – then wait 24 hours to let the grease dissipate into the leather. In many cases the stain will no longer be visible but if the stain remains visible – use the correct leather cleaner (see above) and follow the instructions provided with the cleaner.


10. Blot all spills up immediately – if you get ink on your sofa purchase an ink stick (sold at most good leather furniture stores) immediately, following the instructions provided, clean the ink out. Ink is like an acid on leather and begins eating into it, so the longer you take to clean it out the worse it will be later.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have Nubuk leather on your furniture be sure that you are using a leather cleaner made specifically for Nubuk leather. Cleaners made for type A & P leathers (see above) are not intended for use on Nubuk leather.


Additionally there are other leather care products available that are to be used on specific leather types.


Leather Vital will improve, soften with continued use and condition the surface of any A or P leather.


Waxon is used to put the wax back into any wax pull up leather


Oleosa is made to put oils back into any oil pull up leather and will revitalize and soften the leather over time and repeated applications.


Degreaser is used to remove heavy body oil build up from leather – regular cleaning maintenance will help you avoid needing a degreaser.


At Choice Leather Furniture we proudly offer and recommend Guardian’s Teflon based protection package for leather care and peace of mind. This includes a light coating of Teflon that is never noticeable until something is spilled on the leather.


Guardian warrants for 5 years stains from spills covering anything you would eat or drink. Additionally it covers ink, crayons, lipstick and the like. Additionally it warrants against burns, punctures and tears plus anything that might come out of a person or animal due to illness. A complete leather care kit is included in the Guardian warranty package and contains leather cleaner, conditioner, an ink remover, and applicators for all 3 plus a booklet on how to take care of leather furniture. You may renew your warranty after the 5 year period expires.


Each Guardian kit comes with a numbered warranty card that when filled out and returned registers your individual warranty for a full 5 years (you may also register online). When you have a problem you call Guardian, they try to help you resolve the problem over the phone, if that doesn’t work they send someone to your home to resolve the problem, order any necessary part or recommend complete replacement – all at no additional cost to you during the 5 year warranty period. You may renew your warranty after the 5 year period expires.


You can find leather care and leather cleaning products at Choice Leather Furniture. Choice Leather Furniture brings you a variety of leather care products, but only the best. With a wide variety of leather options available, Choice leather Furniture provides you wide variety of leather care products to ensure that you get the right leather care and cleaning products for your leather furniture. You can maintain great value in your leather, at Choice Leather Furniture.