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Countless Styles of Prime Leather Furniture

It is a hard thing to deny that leather is by far the best material for furniture. The aroma, classic beauty, and the durability make this material very valued and desired among furniture designers. You cannot surpass the long lasting qualities that it possesses.


When you are choosing to implement leather furniture pieces into your home or office, you are presented with a boundless array of types and styles. With choices ranging from luxurious classic styles, with their deeply saturated colors and lush textures, to the sleek and clean linear styles of modern pieces, leather furniture is an investment that pays itself off immediately!


High Quality Textured Leather Furniture

Choosing leather furniture to fit your personality is generally the easiest part. We all have our own taste, and that plays into how we want to showcase our homes. Once your overall look has been established, you have many other aspects to consider. This includes both the color, which can also be fairly simple, and the texture.


Not only should the aesthetic appeal be a contributing factor, but the grade and texture need to be carefully considered. This guarantees many more years of upon selecting the correct texture. Your lifestyle is a good thing to consider. Luckily, Choice Leather Furniture has multiple grains that will fit all the key points when choosing furniture.


Aniline Leather

This is a dyed leather that is left uncovered with a topcoat.

Therefore, you are able to see all of the natural textures

including the leather’s:






The dyes that are used are entirely soluble and have not included harsh chemicals for many years. The overall process is completed in order to keep the material’s natural look intact. Since the dye is left unsealed, you are able to see every detail of the leather, just like a human fingerprint.


This method does not mask the material’s natural characteristics by saturating it with pigment. Instead, it allows the organic surface to stay unconcealed. Although all leather is extremely durable, this particular type is suited for mild usage. If your family or home furniture is like a revolving door, then leather furniture with a protective topcoat is recommended.


Nubuck Leather

We all love that buttery soft suede found in some leather

products. The texture is so plush and soft that it is almost

impossible to stop touching. This texture is achieved by

buffing or sanding the grain side (outside) to create a

minor break in the protein fibers of the leather.

This gives the material its ultra soft, velvet like qualities.


Many leather items are produced with this method, and it is highly durable. However, it does scratch with very little pressure applied. The beneficial aspect to this leather is that the cosmetic flaws that can easily occur can just as easily be buffed out with the simple application of a good leather rejuvenating product.



If you ever wonder why things like shoes, bags, wallets, and other excessively used leather products have a thicker feel, it is because of the process through which the material is placed. The full-grain method is used for that very purpose. It gives an additional protective quality, so the leather furniture piece can withstand the most damaging elements.


Full grain leather does not get sanded or buffed, nor does it get any other form of treatment that may take away from its natural state. Instead of using methods that remove the “imperfections” non-organically, the surface of the hide is left bare.


Full grain leather will attain natural wear and tear throughout time. Thus, the leather is left in its original form, providing an unparalleled durability. Not only is it highly durable, but it is also breathable, which results in minimal moisture from extended contact. For the spaces that see immense foot traffic, this is the perfect leather type to select.


Top Grain

Not only is top grain the most commonly used leather, but it is also considered to be the second highest in quality among leather processing. Although it is thinner, it does offer a large resistance to stains, which is something most people look for in leather furniture. It is not exactly easy to clean a large piece of furniture. However, this method allows for less cleanup.


Other Leather Types

There are many other subcategories of leather textures, but most leather types fall into one of the aforementioned categories. These four forms of leather processing all contribute different characteristics that are desirable for any number of reasons.


No matter what type of leather furniture you choose to complement your home, this basic breakdown will help make your decision easier. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from the experienced design staff at Choice Leather Furniture.


Stop by any of our two locations to take a look at Choice Leather Furniture’s showrooms to find the perfect leather furniture!